Rava EN

pedigree name:  Derrynane Rava

reg number:       ISDS DE/380866


date of birth:       05. April 2021

breeder:              own offspring

colour:                black and white

carries:               rough coat, chocolate, tan 


HD:                    HD A2


OCD:                 free

spine:                free (unofficial by vet)

LÜW:                  free (unofficial by vet)

ECVO (eyes):    free 05/21

Gonioskopie:      pending       


DNA CEA:         normal (free) 

DNA TNS:         normal (free)

DNA IGS:          normal (free)

DNA NCL:         normal (free) by parentage

DNA MDR1:      +/+ (free) 

DNA SN:           normal (free) 

DNA DM:          normal (free) 

DNA MH:          normal (free) 

DNA GG:         normal (free) 

DNA RS:           normal (free) 

DNA EAOD:      carrier

teeth:               all in, scissor

size:                53cm, 17,2kg                 

Herding Working Test (ABCD):  done 06/22

breeding bitch

There she is - my first own offspring!

And not only that, a really long-cherished wish of mine was to have own offspring of my male Nucha at some point.

I already had chosen Maybe with the hope to be able to combine her with Nucha one day.

In 2021 the time had come and I was able to realise my absolute dream combination.

However I didn't have much choice to keep a bitch out of that litter as there was only one - Rava.

Nevertheless, she made it very easy for me to fall head over heels in love with her right from the start.

From the very beginning, she increasingly searched contact, I am just thinking of a situation right after birth when all her brothers were with mummy, drinking milk and Rava snuggled up to me.

So with every day, she found her way more and more into our hearts. 

She is now 2 years old and developing really well.

She is part of the pack from day 1 even if she likes to annoy her mum or her brother Todd

(who found his perfect home in 08/22, the two are still "partners in crime" after all this time together).

She knows exactly what she wants from an early age on.

For about 6 months we have been working more intensively on sheep. With someone more talented than me she would probably be further along, but we don't have any time pressure.

As a young, she tended to be insecure, but this has subsided more and more with each heat. She has also never been anxious and was always happy to be invited to have a closer look at the "creepy" things. 

In daily life, she inspires me above all by her uncomplicated and all-loving manner,

whether people or children or other animals.