Breeding goal

In my opinion, the border collie is an all-round talent, who despite his enthusiasm for various dog sports should still bring the interest and talent for working on sheep.

For this reason I am taking my dogs regularly for herding and would -of course- wish the same for my offspring.

I want to breed dogs suitable for everyday use with Will to Please:

People loving with a desire to work - without the exaggerated "border insanity".

Sensitive, but with certain strong nerves.

Balanced in everyday life and open to new things.

In short: a dog that can be used in many ways.

In addition to the character -of course- health is very important. For this reason, my breeding dogs are x-rayed, eye examined (DOK, ECVO) and examined for the latest DNA tests.

I try to judge my dogs with all their strengths and weaknesses objectively and then decide whether I take them for breeding or not. This assessment also plays a role again in the search for their suitable breeding partner.

The puppies are born in our bedroom. In the whelping box next to the bed, they also spend their first two weeks before moving into the living room. With growing and mobility increases, we will expand the range

and opportunities (different surfaces, toys, outdoor areas, etc.).

It is particularly important to me that the puppies get to know everyday life with all its sounds from an early age and are "in the middle of everything" to get the best start into their lifes.

That's why our children are involved from the very beginning and the puppies are allowed to come with us

on several excursions - also in the car or to the sheep.

If you would like to meet us, just feel free to contact us.

Some impressions of our first litter