Todd EN

pedigree name:  Derrynane Todd

reg number:       ISDS DE/380870


date of birth:      05. April 2021

breeder:             own offspring

owner:               Caroline Kerbs

colour:                black and white

carries:               rough coat, chocolate, dilute,



HD:                    A2

ED:                    0

OCD:                 free

ECVO (eyes):    free 05/21

gonioscopia:      pending        


DNA CEA:         normal (free) 

DNA TNS:         normal (free)

DNA IGS:          normal (free)

DNA NCL:         normal (free) by parentage

DNA MDR1:      +/+ (free) 

DNA SN:           normal (free) 

DNA DM:          normal (free) 

DNA MH:          normal (free) 

DNA GG:         normal (free) 

DNA RS:           normal (free) 

DNA EAOD:      carrier

teeth:               all in, scissor

testicles:          both ok

size:                55 cm  

Herding Working Test (ABCD):  done 06/22

Todd is available for stud to suitable bitches.

Feel free to contact us, we will contact the owner.

Todd is out of our first litter, so he is out of Nucha and Maybe and litter brother to Rava.

I had no suitable requests for him, so he stayed with us til he was 16 months old.

Now he is living his best life with Caro and Alex and - fortunately for me! - not far away.
So I can see him regularly, as well on sheep.

He convinced me already during the months he stayed with us and I am still happy with his development.

I really like his strong mind and being tough, but as well attentive and easy going.

He wants to please and shows really nice things on sheep.

I like as well that he is not that kind of super sporty, slim dog but has a male body with substance and muscles.

Exactly what I hoped for when I decided to combine his parents.

I am more than happy that I can use him for my breeding.

Todd has all health results done and is now available for stud to suitable bitches.
Please feel free to contact me.