Rhys EN

pedigree name: Pentir Rhys

reg number:       ISDS 371359

                       KC AZ0916864

date of birth:       14 February 2020

breeder:             Glynne Jones

color:                  slate tricolor              

HD:                     HD A2

ED:                     0/0

OCD:                  free

ECVO (eyes):     free 2022

Gonioskopie:       free 2022


DNA CEA:          carrier

DNA TNS:          normal (free)

DNA IGS:           normal (free)

DNA NCL:          normal (free)

DNA MDR1:       +/+ (free)  

DNA SN:            normal (free)

DNA DM:           normal (free)

DNA MH:           normal (free)

DNA GG:           normal (free)

DNA RS:           normal (free)

DNA EAOD:       carrier

DNA profile:      

teeth:                 all in, scissor

testicles:            both ok

size:                   still growing

herding test (ABCD): done 11/2021

Rhys is available for stud

to suitable bitches

Rhys joined us at the age of 8 months. I had already fallen in love with him, when he was still a puppy and his breeder joked on Facebook whether he's a keeper or he should sell him.

But it just wasn't the right time for us to have a puppy. He then came to a friend of mine in Austria and when she offered him at the age of 8 months, I could not resist - luckily!

Rhys felt directly at home. He already lived with other Border Collies at Caros home,

but I had a little respect of integrating a pubescent youngster into an already existing pack.

After all, it was also the 1st time for me that I did not bring a puppy home.

Despite all the misgivings, from day 1 it was as if he had always been with us.

In the almost 2 years with us, Rhys turned out really great! He is now one of my two main working dogs, I can rely on him and I am still absolutely enthusiastic about how natural he is on sheep.

I love his flanks and his drive. He has proven himself several times on our own sheep, also during our first lambing season this year (2022), as well as on foreign sheep.

My absolute highlight is how he always manages to adapt the pressure exactly to the group that needs to be worked: No matter if our Heidschnucken, the not so willing merino yearlings at a herding meeting or the ewes with their lambs.

I'm slowing us down a bit at the moment, I urgently need to learn how to whistle!

He is also a treasure in everyday life! Absolutely reliable, easy-going and enthusiastic about everything.
He is this kind of dog that would like to crawl into you - cuddling is always good!

He has a good on/off switch, lives here in the house with two small children and the whole pack together. Other dogs, animals and people are no problem at all, he is a small slime bear that wants to please all the time :D