Nucha englisch

pedigree name:  Nucha (FCI)

                           Heli (ISDS)

reg number:        VDH/ZBrH BOC Reg 1742

                           ISDS AT/332934


date of birth:       15 april 2014

breeder:              Angela Gaigg

color:                  chocolate white

carries :              dilute, tan


HD:                    B2

ED:                    0/0

OCD:                 free

ECVO (eyes):    free 2014, 2016, 2020

gonioscopia:      free 2016, 2020


DNA CEA:         normal by parentage (free)

DNA TNS:         normal (free)

DNA IGS:          normal (free)

DNA NCL:         normal (free)

DNA MDR1:      +/+ (free)

DNA SN:           normal (free)

DNA DM:          normal (free)

DNA MH:          normal (free)

DNA GG:          normal (free)

DNA RS:          normal (free)

DNA profile:      available

teeth:                all in, scissor

testicles:           both ok

Size:                 54cm, 19.6kg

herding working test (ABCD): done 11/17

Nucha is available for stud to suitable bitches.

Nucha is my first border collie, my first own dog.

I was on the waiting list for an other litter when I saw Nucha on pictures for the first time. It had to be fortune that the litter I was waiting for was canceled AND a friend recommended to write exactly the breeder (of these puppies I saw) to me. Although I wasn't expecting to get a puppy out of this combination -as absolutely border collie beginner- I wrote the breeder and she told me there are still some boys searching a new home -Nucha was one of them.

So I made the crazy decision to drive to austria, 8 hours full of excitement.

And it was like "I came, he saw and win"... I totally fell in love with this little chocolate boy.

His siblings were sweet, too, but there was something special about him I already noticed on pictures.

And it seemed like it was the same for him with me. I drove home with glowing cheeks

and I didn't need a night to sleep over for making the decision that he is MY dog.


I read a lot of books before, informed myself in every way I could imagine and:

I was prepared for every disaster!

And then Nucha came... easy, balanced, friendly, curious, open minded and loyal.

Everybody warned me about the "hyperactive border collie"... Nucha was more the "if I am tired,

I lay down, no matter where" kind of dog, so I carried him more than once back home, because he showed me so clearly that he had enough. He spend his puppy time in general with a lot of sleep

-the only thing he ever destroyed was a flower pot :D -

and we never had any serious puberty problems. He made it so easy for me in every point.

And slowely he grew up to a wise "old man", maybe stupid to call him so with his 3 years,

but he often reminds me on that. He knows the dog behaviour really well and is a dog who always tries to avoid trouble. Since he is one year old he has finally the self confidence to let other dogs know when they really get on his nerves, but he always manages it fair and my full respect for his patience.

He is really so easy with everything! Town, traffic and noises, dogs and other animals are no problem.

He loves every person no matter which age, he accompanied me regularly when I was babysitting

and is now visiting the kindergarten and rest home (organized of our dogschool) with me. His tricks and kindness enthuses young and old. He is a sensible dog and sometimes it is not easy for him,

because I need a so much harder voice for Koda, but he manages even this so well in daily life.


I did not really know which sport we would do when I picked him up. It was important for me to find something we

both like. Nucha loves obedience stuff for fun and works best for vocal reward, so we decided to do rally obedience. Besides we found our passion in herding.

I didn't have any experience, but again Nucha makes it really easy for me.

I love to see him working so focused while he is full in his element.


All in all he is the perfect dog for me and I really can't wait to hold his first puppies in my hands.