Maybe EN

pedigree name: Graylees Maybe

reg number:       ISDS 00/358106

                          VDH/ZBrH BOC 25164

                          KC AV0906809

date of birth:      08. May 2018

breeder:             Emma Gray

color:                  black white

carries:               tricolor

HD:                     A1

ED:                     0

OCD:                  free

Spondylose:       free (unofficial, by vet)

ECVO (eyes):     free 2020

Gonioskopie:      free 2020   


DNA CEA:          normal (free)

DNA TNS:          normal (free)

DNA IGS:           normal (free)

DNA NCL:          normal (free)

DNA MDR1:       +/+ (free)  

DNA SN:            normal (free)

DNA DM:           normal (free)

DNA MH:           normal (free)

DNA GG:           normal (free)

DNA RS:           normal (free)

DNA EAOD:       normal (free)

DNA profile:       available

teeth:                 all in, scissor

size:                  52 cm, 14 kg

herding test (ABCD): done 03/2020

breeding bitch

Now the little darling is finally here <3 Insane, that she is actually the first dog in my pack,

where I'm really involved since the litterplan hoping that there's a puppy for me as well.

For the other three, that somehow always turned out differently ...

I knew her name long before she was even born: Maybe!

Yes, there are a lot of "maybe's" connected with her arrival, wishes and dreams that now MAY come true.

But first of all, she will have the time to grow up.

Before I picked her up, I only knew her from pictures and videos. Funny, that it was her, who already catched my attention on the very first video. I can't explain why. But like with Nucha and Bumblebee before, my heart stopped for a while and the thought came up: "Yes, she could be the one."

Every other photo and video made this feeling even stronger, so I was incredibly happy

when finally I got the decision that she's the one for me!

Nevertheless, I was very nervous on the way to pick her up. There was still the danger that I could have been wrong - after all, I had never seen this puppy live before. But even these worries were unfounded, hardly in the car she fell asleep on my lap and was so easy going all the 1200km

-only protested when we wanted her to stay alone in the box: D

She arrived at our home like she's never been somewhere else before, the boys immediately put under her command and left no doubt that "the boss" has now arrived ^ ^

After the first few weeks with her, I can now say that I have rarely experienced such a deeply

relaxed puppy. Whatever is happening around - she sleeps. She masters new situations easily, is curious and open-minded about everything she doesn't know. She welcomes all people on the street with a wagging tale and also meets other animals very openly. But she is at the same time super naughty and knows exactly what she wants - and then this has to be discussed aloud: D

She likes to tug, is easy to motivate by voice, but she does EVERYTHING for food!

Maybe was already with us to see the sheep and I can not wait to let her run them the first time <3

coming soon