pedigree name:  Flake [...]              

reg number:        HuBu291Z1-0032


date of birth:      24. june 2015

color:                  Blue Merle

carries:               Dilute, Tan (by parentage)


HD:                    good (unofficial)

back:                  good (unofficial)   

ECVO (eyes):    free 2015         


DNA CEA:         normal by parentage (free)

DNA TNS:         normal by parentage (free)

DNA IGS:          normal by parentage (free)

DNA NCL:         normal by parentage (free)

DNA MDR1:      +/+ (free) by parentage

teeth:                all in, scissor

testicles:           castrated

size:                  59.5cm, 23kg

Koda is castrated.

Koda came to me as my second dog. Earlier then planned.

I totally fell in love with the 6 weeks old puppy that was still searching for a new home, so I drove there and when Koda brought me a toy to play I was on cloud 9 and other things around have taken a

back seat. So finally I did the fault of wearing rose-colored glasses with my second dog.

At this time I didn't realise it. So Koda moved in with almost 9 weeks.


He arrived and soon it was clear that he is no normal puppy. Always scary, always insure as if he didn't know anything! Hard to get him in these situations. And it didn't matter if it was an absolutely new situation or a daily one. Soon he learned to calm down inside, even when he was always on 100%. He started to love his kennel and made it his favorite place to sleep. Luckily he accepted the kennel as well in strange environment where everything was more difficult for him.

He reminded me so often on an ADHD child. Not especially because of his activtiy and problems

to calm down. Even more because of his impulsivity. He seems to think only in black and white without shades in between... Things were either really good or really, really bad.

Same with his days. There are really good days when I have a dog who enjoys life, is open minded and loves to train new things. On these days he is my little clown, carefree, everytime a smile on his face and ready for everything! But then there comes the point where it seems like someone deleted his "hard disk".. and it is like we can start at point 0.

Days -or sometimes weeks- of "fighting" every day new. Everything we learned is gone,

every stranger (and on a real bad day as well friend) is an enemy and new things are all stupid!!

On these days I can't do more than making it as easy as possible for him:

Denying everything where he needs to be "there".

...And suddenly it is again a "good day" where he remembers everything we ever learned and

I have my happy dog back.


We reached so much in the last years. I love him so much, my strange, crazy, wonderful dog!

He is in fact a dog with a big heart who loves to cuddle and would do anything for me. But it is so fucking hard, because I never know when the bad days are back and I can't help him...

He teached me a lot and I think we will still learn a lot together.



Because of his difficult character he will never become a studdog.

He is an amazing dog with a big heart, always strived to do his best, but even if we suspect a worse socialization (unfortunately he is not the only dog out of this kennel with similar problems), we can't exclude genetic origins. I'm afraid the breeder is not interested in finding a reason together with the affected offspring owners to deny these problems with upcoming offspring. This is among other things a reason for me to distance myself from this kennel.