pedigree name:  Bumblebee with spirit

                           and cleverness

reg number:        VDH/ZBrH BOC Reg 1838

                           ISDS ROM DE/382741


date of birth:       12. november 2016

breeder:              Melanie Brenda

color:                  chocolate merle

carries:               dilute and tan (but will never have

                                  tricolor pups himself because of his


HD:                    A1

ED:                    0

OCD:                 free

ECVO (eyes):   free 2017, 2022

gonioscopia:     free 2022


DNA CEA:         normal (free)

DNA TNS:         normal (free)

DNA IGS:          normal (free)

DNA NCL:         normal (free)

DNA MDR1:      +/+ (free)

DNA SN:           normal (free)

DNA DM:          normal (free) 

DNA MH:          normal (free)

DNA GG:          normal (free)
DNA RS:           normal (free)

DNA EAOD:      pending

DNA profile:      available

available at stud to suitable bitches

teeth:                all in, schissor

testicles:           both ok

size:                 55cm, 19.5kg

Bumblebee was born on 12th november 2016 in a litter of a really good friend.

I was really excited for the puppies, because she offered me to help her during birth. I love Hazel, the mother of this litter very much and had the possibility to meet her whole first litter in summer 2016

-all grew up to amazing dogs! Of course I thought about having a puppy out of this litter, but I was so focused on searching a girl out of working lines that I didn't spend another thought on it.

Unfortunately I missed the birth, because Hazel started when I was "rocking the showring" with Nucha

in Karlsruhe. So I met the puppies one day later and first I was relieved.. no temptation on first sight! :D

But then we made pictures of the puppies and I was allowed to hold them in my hands. With Bumblebee my heart stopped for a while. But he was absolutely not "my taste" of dog, too light, too less dark markings for a merle AND a male! So I drove home, keep on searching for my girl. I was visiting the puppies regular to make pictures and follow their development -with the thought that I will maybe have puppies myself in about 3 years when everything goes well.

And with every visit I fell step by step in love with this little guy and he with me.

I drove home everytime with glowing cheeks and a big smile on my face.

BUT I was searching for a girl, so this boy would never move in.

When Mel told me that there is someone who is interested in Bumblebee andhe will move to

switzerland, I was happy for him, it seemed like the perfect home! So I visited a last time for last

pictures and saying goodbye to my beloved "Bumbeli". Well... he screamed everytime I left the room,

he was always by my side when I was inside.. and this time I drove home..

crying because he would never be mine.

But everything came different. At the end, Bilbo, Bumblebee's brother moved to switzerland

and Bumblebee came here.


He is such a cool and easy dog. Absolutely unproblematic with everything, always curious and with the few things which make him sceptical at first sight, he totally trusts me when I invite him to go with me to have a look on that "scary thing" :D He is my shadow, he is where I am. Sleeps right next to me,

he is very touchy-feely. He has a big will to please, is interested in discdogging and very talented in herding... And finally: he matches perfect in my pack. Is the perfect balance between sensible and cheeky, he needs quiet words for working, but has no problem with louder words (which I need to scold Koda sometimes).


Many friends already new it for a long time, I needed a little bit longer. He is my perfect match!

And I am so relieved to have him here <3 Maybe the best decision (after taking Nucha) :D "